KANSAS CITY, Mo. — With Kansas City’s Sunday forecast, fans coming to GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium are being warned to bundle up and prepare for a cold one.

The cold is kind of like Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce in that way, even double-coverage isn’t enough to stop it from breaking through.

The stadium has included some warming sites for fans. The team shared the location of these warming stations during the game:

Exterior: Red warming trailers will be available near parking gates 3/4, 5 and 6, as well as inside Lots B, C, D, F and G.

Interior: Nine warming stations will be located inside the stadium

  • One at the bottom of each of the four Field Level spirals.
  • Near the Jim Beam (north) and Crown Royal (south) bars located on the Upper Level.
  • Near the Red Zones on the east and west sides of the Upper Level.
  • The Season Ticket Member Kickoff Countdown tent, located on the Plaza Level near Gate G, will turn into a warming zone at kickoff for all fans.

The Chiefs also said fans, if they’re cold, can just visit a stadium pro shop and buy warmer gear.

On Friday, light snow stuck around the stadium even during a reprieve from colder temperatures ahead of the AFC Championship.

Looking ahead to tailgating, doctors say the old wives tale of drinking to stay warm is actually say that’s a misconception.

“Some people will drink alcohol thinking that makes them feel a little bit warm. It dilates your blood vessels, so you actually get the sensation of warmness, but it’s actually a false sense of warmness,” Dr. Todd Shaffer with University Health said.

At the Union Station Rally House some fans buy warm merch while other fans, like Brian Roberts, said he is happy to watch from home. He said an injury is no good in the cold.

“You feel it. You feel it. The inflammation definitely goes into effect when there’s a big weather change,” Roberts said.

“It’s not going to affect Mahomes at all,” Sheree Roberts, Brian’s wife, said.

“He’s going to play perfect. He’s a fast healer. He’s young,” she said.

Fans can carry-in blankets to Arrowhead Stadium, needing to drape it over their shoulders during while going through security. The only caveat to that is it can’t have zippers or compartments.