TULSA, Okla. – A Tulsa County judge ordered a Kansas City Superfan, known on social media sites as “ChiefsAholic,” to stay in Oklahoma as one of the conditions of his reduced bail.

Judge Kasey Baldwin ordered the bail for Xavier Michael Babudar, 28, of Overland Park, Kansas be reduced from $200,000 to $80,000 on bank robbery charges.

The court also issued a no-contact order and a GPS device, court records show.

Babudar is charged in Tulsa County District Court with robbing the Tulsa Teacher Credit Union in Bixby on December 16.

Known for wearing a wolf mask to Chiefs games, Bixby police recovered a paintball mask along with money in Babudar’s backpack when he was taken into custody, according to a Bixby Police report.

Telephone calls seeking comment from Babudar or his attorney were not returned.  

Tulsa County Jail officials confirmed Babudar remains in custody and will not be released on bail until he is outfitted with a GPS device.

According to the bond reduction motion, Babudar plans to live in Tulsa with his family – who plan on moving from Overland Park to Tulsa – during the duration of his court proceedings.

Babudar is accused of pointing a weapon at a bank employee’s chest telling the employee to take him to the bank vault.  There, he ordered the employee to open the vault and give him the one-hundred-dollar bills and if the bank employee failed to give him the money, he “would put a bullet in the employee’s head,” according to a Bixby police report.

When taken into custody, police recovered from Babudar’s backpack a paintball mask. ski goggles, paw gloves, green zip-up jacket and sweatpants, black shoes, a large Target bag that had a large amount of US currency, a black CO2 pistol, and other miscellaneous items, the report states.