AURORA, Mo. — A 15-year-old boy has died from his injuries days after being hit by a car in Aurora Thursday, Oct. 27.

Troy Clifton Devine Jr., 15, was crossing Highway 60 with a friend around 8:46 p.m on Thursday evening when he was hit, according to the Aurora-Marionville Police Department.

The AMPD wrote on the department’s Facebook page “We are aware of the social media rumors and allegations. As law enforcement, we are probably more keenly aware than most of how false, malicious, untrue, and unverified information spreads across the internet. All we can recommend is that you consider the source of your information and remember that the 1st Amendment protects all free speech, including lies.”

According to the Aurora-Marionville Police Department, there is no evidence of impairment by any party involved and the driver of the vehicle has fully cooperated with the AMPD.

The crash is still under investigation.