SPRINGFIELD, Mo.- Professionals are saying that statewide they are seeing more cases of kids coming into the emergency room, sick from eating cannabis edibles. 

“The edibles are often, you know, they look like chocolate, they taste like chocolate, or they’re in gummies or gummy worms or some type of form like that,” said Becky Spain with Mercy Hospital.  

“Smells like candy. If you put two of those beside each other, a piece of candy, and it’s a THC laced, we can’t tell the difference without labeling.” 

A study found that more than 7,000 cases of kids older than six eating marijuana edibles were reported between 2017 and 2021.  

Young children may experience extreme drowsiness, breathing difficulties, and nausea due to the amount of THC they ingest.  

A local hemp shop in Springfield, The Hemporuim, says they would advise parents who buy edibles to be educated on what they are using. 

But also be mindful of treating edibles like you would any other medicine.  

“I mean, you don’t leave Advil on your nightstand. You don’t leave ibuprofen on the counter,” said owner Rachel Lee. 

“Cannabis products shouldn’t be any different.”