LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Inflation in Missouri has caused many people to reassess their wants and needs. One thing that all Americans can agree on is that a livable wage is a necessity.

According to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Living Wage Calculator, single people without children bringing in $16.29 an hour are making a livable wage in Missouri. The tool suggests that each parent in a family makes $25.14 an hour to live comfortably. The poverty wage in Missouri for one adult with no children is $6.19.

Are you living in the Springfield metro and making $16.14 an hour? The tool suggests that you are bringing in enough to support yourself.

The tool says a livable wage for residents living alone in the Branson area is $15.70. The calculator suggests that a livable wage for singles in the Joplin area is $15.58 an hour.

The tool allows you to view counties and metropolitan areas in every state for families of up to five. It also shows minimum and poverty wages. Other factors are listed, including expenses for food, child care, taxes, and transportation.

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