LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – The average gas prices in Arkansas have increased over the last week to top $3, and officials with AAA have tips on how drivers can save money.

In its latest weekly analysis, AAA noted the average price of regular unleaded gas now at $3 in the Natural State, up 2 cents compared to last week and up 82 cents compared to this day last year.

Of the major metropolitan areas surveyed in Arkansas, AAA officials found that drivers in Texarkana are paying the most on average at $3.08 while drivers in Little Rock-North Little Rock are paying the least at $2.95 per gallon.

Drivers in Arkansas are paying the 3rd lowest gas price average in the country, according to the AAA.

AAA Spokesperson Nick Chabarria explained how tensions between Ukraine and Russia affected the gas prices and suggested that higher gas prices could be stick around.

“With tensions escalated between Ukraine and Russia and demand for gasoline climbing, market prices for crude oil have been moving upward,” Chabarria said. “While gas price trends can sometimes be unpredictable, the current market environment suggests higher pump prices could stick around for a while.”

Here are a few tips from the AAA on ways to save money on fuel as the country sees increasing prices:

• Make sure your tires are properly maintained and inflated to the correct level.

• Avoid “jackrabbit” starts and hard accelerations. These actions greatly increase fuel consumption.

• Slow down and drive the speed limit. Higher speeds result in more aerodynamic drag.

• Avoid extended idling to warm up the engine, even in colder temperatures. It’s unnecessary and wastes fuel.

• Remove unnecessary and bulky items from your car.