HERMITAGE, Mo. — Residents at the Hickory Estates in Hermitage were asked to write a note to Santa. One sweet lady’s request might surprise you.

Martha, a 99-years-young resident, didn’t ask for much this year. In fact, she only asked for one thing, a man, and not just any man. She asked for the one and only Kansas City Chief’s Travis Kelce. Who can blame her?

According to the West Central Missouri Community Action Agency, in her letter, Martha wrote:

“Dear Santa,

All I want for Christmas is Travis Kelce. If you could have him come to my door, I would put on fake eyelashes, lipstick, and rouge. All I would do is stand there and bat my eyes at him. Santa, I hope you can make this happen.


Martha (age 99).”

You can click the image to see the original Facebook post

Kelce hasn’t responded yet, but it’s safe to say there’s not much hope he will. Poor Martha.