JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (Missourinet) – According to Missourinet, Cole County Circuit Judge Jon Beetem ruled, on Tuesday, that Governor Greitens’ political action and campaign committees must turn over subpoenaed documents by June 1.  

Lawmakers want documents about the committee’s expenses and communication and coordinaton between the PAC and campaign committee.

Catherine Hanaway, Greitens attorney, said in a court hearing last week, that the information being requested is not relevant to the investigation.

Mark Kempton, the House Committee attorney, told Missourinet, the documents are within the scope of the committee’s work to investigate allegations against the governor.

Hanaway says Judge Beetem’s ruling protects the identies of the PAC donors.

Greitens is being investigating for many reasons, including accusations about the governor’s 2015 affair and state and federal campaign finance violations, as well as using shell companies to hide donors and received foreign donations, which breaks federal campaign laws.

Governor Greitens is also facing a felony computer charge for transmitting a donor list from the charity he founded without getting permission from proper officials from the organization.  He then used the donor list to fund his campaign.

The court ruling could be appealed, according to Missourinet, who has contacted Attorney Hanaway, to learn if a decision has been made about a potential appeal.