SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Jason Smith, a Republican U.S. Congressman from Missouri, is sick of the wealthy getting a tax break.  

 “Eighty percent of the people who use this tax subsidy make more than $100,000 a year. That’s a problem,” he told KOLR10 on Friday. 

Well, at least he’s sick of a specific tax break — one given to those who buy new electric cars.  

“Anyone who purchases new electric car gets a $7,500 credit from the federal government,” he explained. 

Not only does he see the tax break as what he calls an exclusive advantage to those making more money than the average American… 

“The people in the eighth district of Missouri, where the median income household of $40,000,” he said. “There aren’t too many of us driving electric cars.” 

He also sees those dollars not spent on taxes as an untapped revenue stream for roads, bridges, and primary campaign promise of the trump administration. 

“In past three years, we’ve seen that this tax subsidy has cost up to $5 billion. That’s enough to build the wall,” he told us. 

We asked if that was the mission of the representative’s legislation.  

“This is an effort to make sure we are good stewards of the taxpayer dollar, but absolutely,” he said. “If they want to use this money to help build and secure our border, absolutely. We’re good for it.” 

We also asked if repealing this tax break removes a kind of financial incentive to protect the environment? 

“The federal tax code should not incentivize the behavior of human beings,” he said. “It should definitely allow the funding mechanisms to make sure that we have the proper infrastructure and all Americans have proper national security.”