Military Warns Too Many Recruits Obese

A growing percentage of young adults are physically unfit to serve in the nation's military. 

One out of every three Americans ages 17-24 don't qualify for military services, shrinking the recruitment pool for the United States' top defense agencies.

The Army recently deployed a new exam called the occupational physical assessment test - or OPAT.

It's administered before a recruit ships out to basic traIning and measures their physical fitness.

"We had a significant increase in multiple skeletal injuries and folks that weren't able to actually execute some of the physical demands of certain types of professions," says Major Kayla Ramotar, Command Dietician, Center for Initial Military Training.

Military officials say this is not just a military problem this is a reflection of American society and more needs to be done to combat the problem from better overall nutrition, increased focus on physical and health education in schools, and greater community awareness and involvement.

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