Mike Parson Officially Sworn in as Missouri Gov.

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. -- It is official. Mike Parson was sworn-in today inside his new office, to become Missouri’s 57th governor.  

“I, Michael L. Parson (do solemnly swear) Do solemnly swear..." Parson said.

In what has been a whirlwind of a week for Missouri government, Mike Parson was sworn-in about a half hour after now former Gov. Eric Greitens officially submitted his resignation. Parson will now lead a state that has had a tumultuous last few months under its former governor.

“We have an opportunity beginning today to have a fresh start in state government," Parson said. "I believe now is the time for Missouri to come together, to work together and to help one another. I am optimistic about the future of our great state, and I’m looking forward to the work ahead.” 

Spending time in both the House and Senate, Parson thinks his history in the capitol could help with getting things accomplished. 

“I think we need to build on those relationships," Parson said. "There’s many many common grounds for the state of Missouri such as infrastructure, such as workforce development. There’s many things like that where we come together, and my purpose for being the governor will be to try and bring people together --  to try to move the state of Missouri forward, for what’s best for the state of Missouri. Thank you very much for having me here today thank you.”

Gov. Parson plans to meet with his cabinet members early next week.

While Parson is moved into the governor's office, his old office here remains empty. In fact, they’ve already removed his name from the door. A statutory provision in the Missouri Constitution prevents him from appointing his own replacement, but Parson said today they are looking to find a way to fill that role, adding he obviously sees the importance of having a Lt. Gov. 

In Jefferson City at the Capitol, Jesse Inman, KOLR10 News, Ozarksfirst. 

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