The long weekend is wrapping up, along with our stretch of nearly perfect weather! Memorial Day evening will be nice so you still will have a chance to get out and enjoy the weather for a few more hours.

Each day this week is looking slightly warmer than the last with humidity getting into the muggy category. We knew the low-humidity days weren’t going to last forever!

There is a chance for a few showers and thunderstorms to impact southeast Kansas and far western Missouri starting Monday evening, but the chance remains low that we see any rain in the Ozarks.

Each day this week there is a slight chance for widely scattered rain and an occasional thunderstorm beginning Tuesday. Tuesday will see highs in the low to mid-80s with a chance for some showers and storms. The pattern looks similar Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. All said and done, rainfall amounts through the week will likely stand at 0.25″ or less in general.

With widely scattered rain and storms through this week, some will see rain and others will see no rain at all. It is more likely to stay dry than to get rain this week. Rain chances appear to stick around for next weekend and may turn out to be more promising for Saturday and Sunday. Regardless, temperatures will continue to be warm into the weekend in the mid-80s with muggy conditions.