Member of 'Little Rock Nine' Shares Story in New Book

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. -- A member of the "Little Rock Nine", is opening up about her story for one of the first times in a new book.

Elizabeth Eckford is among the eight surviving members of the group of black teenagers who integrated Little Rock's Central High in 1957.

Her efforts played a big part of the civil rights movement, and she shares her struggles in her first book "The Worst First Day."

Dozens showed up Saturday to hear her speak about being a part of the Little Rock Nine.

"I simply wanted the best education possible," Eckford said. "That's all. I thought that when people got to know me that they would except. But I learned the lesson that for some people I wasn't a human being. Just an object."

Eckford says she decided to write the book so people will stand up to bullying.

Although the little rock nine happened 60 years ago Eckford hopes her story will inspire others to do the right thing.

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