Sen. Claire McCaskill Continues Town Hall Tour in Springfield

McCaskill: Missouri Remains 'Open For Business' For Opioid Drug Dealers

SPRINGFIELD, Mo -- Senator Claire McCaskill continued her Town Hall Campaign across the Show-Me State with her 7th event in Springfield today at the Glass Place.

McCaskill has represented Missouri since 2007, and claims that open public forums are a way to stay accountable to her constituents.

“There’s no question I am an underdog, but I’m used to that,” said Claire McCaskill.

Senator Claire McCaskill didn’t shy away from a fight as she prepared for her town hall in Springfield. Her opposition greeted her on the street at the Old Glass Place.

"We don't believe that Claire McCaskill is the moderate that claims that she is," said State Rep. Jeff Messenger. 

Jeff Messenger represents the 130th District in Missouri.

"She has 1 side of her, then she has another side of her," said Messenger. "We are here to tell people that she is not the moderate that people thinks she is."

Messenger and a small group of Republicans voiced their concerns outside, however Missouri’s Senator since 2007 was greeted with open arms inside.

"I'm used to having people on the far ends being cranky with me," explained McCaskill. 

McCaskill answered questions about prevailing wage from a retired steel worker, as well as heartfelt desires regarding women’s rights.

Her visit comes just a day after the Missouri Senate approved a bill which would install a Prescription Drug Monitoring Program.

"It's embarrassing that we are the only state in the whole country that has not done this," said McCaskill. "We have an open for business sign in Missouri for people that want to sell opioids on the street for big profits, and get away with it."

"Im very excited about the legislation. I think that it will save lives, and I'm excited that it got through the Senate. Now I just hope that they can get it across the finish line."

The local Democratic Party issued this statement to KOLR10 News in light of the town hall meeting today, from Chairman Stephen Webber. 

"It's sad that Missouri's Republicans in Congress are ducking public town halls - but it's not surprising given the unpopular, extreme policies they're pursuing in Washington that would slam Missouri's families and our rural communities,” said Missouri Democratic Party Chair Stephen Webber. “I'd want to hide from the public too, if I were them.”


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