Massive Winter Storm Barrels North

A powerful storm is making its way up the east coast. It's already dropped snow on the deep south on its way towards New England. More than two-thousand flights have been cancelled for today. Nearly 35,000 people in the South are without power. 

Snow on palm trees!  A rare winter storm hitting the east coast right now started as far south as Florida bringing with it rain, sleet, and yes, even snow.

"Never seen snow before this is the first time"

In Orlando, schools are handing out donated winter clothes to students, many of whom don't have any because they never needed any.
"We are getting requests from the schools' guidance counselors and principals, child's name, size, gender," said Suzanne McGuire with the Marion County public schools.

South Carolina is known for its lush and plentiful golf courses. In snow, though, a golf cart can be repurposed to tow snowboarders.

On the highways there, driving is treacherous. Cars litter the sides of the roads. 

New England states could see up to a foot. Cities there, like Worcester, Massachusetts, are urging locals to stay off the icy roads most of today and tomorrow.

"It's going to require probably after plowing, sanding the entire city, all 500 miles of streets," said Worcester public works chief Paul Moosey.

Heavy wind gusts also means the potential for widespread power outages.

At least 17 deaths are being blamed on the dangerously cold temperatures that have been gripping most of the US for the past several days.

(Hena Doba, CBS News)

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