Marketwatch, June 22, 2018

Here's a look at the markets for June 22, 2018...

The Nikkei dropped 176 points today in trading in Japan.
The Dow fell 196 Thursday.
The Nasdaq lost 176 points.

The European Union has slapped $3.4 billion of tariffs on American products. It's in response to aluminum and steel tariffs President Trump put on a number of American allies, including the EU. Starting today, items like whiskey, motorcycles and peanuts will cost more in Europe.
Shopping online may be about to get more expensive. The U.S. Supreme court ruled yesterday that states can force online companies to charge customers sales tax -- even in states where the businesses don't physically exist. It's a victory for traditional stores-- which say they find it hard to compete against online behemoths like Wayfair and because their tax-free products cost less.

And General Motors is bringing back the Chevrolet Blazer. After taking a 14 year hiatus, the Blazer comes back looking a little sleeker and smaller than its predecessor. It's set to go on sale early next year.

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