Marketwatch, July 2,  2018

Here's a look at the markets for July 2, 2018...

The Nikkei plunged 492 points today in Tokyo.
The Dow was up 55 at the close of trading Friday.
The Nasdaq gained 6.

Canada has begun imposing tariffs on about $12 billion of U.S. goods. It's in retaliation for the Trump administration's tariffs on steel and aluminum imports. Consumer items like ketchup and lawnmowers will be hit with a 10 percent tariff. Steel and iron will see a tax of 25 percent.

Facebook disclosed it gave dozens of companies special access to user data for six months in 2015. That's at odds with the social media company's previous public statements that it restricted personal information by May of that year. The deal with app developers, device and software makers was released late last week to Congress. Facebook said it gave the companies time to comply with its more restrictive privacy policy.

And Vermont has become the ninth state to legalize recreational marijuana. Beginning yesterday, anyone 21 and older can have up to 1 ounce of marijuana. However, the new law did not set up a system to sell the drug, meaning users need to either grow it themselves or buy it illegally. 

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