Marketwatch, July 13,  2018

Here's a look at the markets for July 13, 2018...

The Nikkei is up 409 points in Tokyo.
The Dow ended up 224 points Thursday.
And the Nasdaq gained 107.

The Justice Department is challenging a federal judge's approval of AT&T's $85 billion  merger with Time Warner. In a one-sentence document, the DOJ said it would appeal last month's ruling that struck down its antitrust challenge. Opponents of the merger say it will hurt competition and raise prices for consumers.

A special one-day promotion at Build-a-Bear's around the country quickly got out of hand yesterday. Children paid their age for stuffed animals that can cost more than $30. By midday, the crowds were so big the company pulled the plug. They're now offering $15 vouchers to all rewards members.

And founder Jeff Bezos plans to charge people who want to take a trip into space between $200,000 and $300,000. Reuters reports that Bezos' company, Blue Origin, told a business conference last month it will start selling tickets next year with test flights starting "soon." The New Shepard rocket ship is designed to fly six passengers more than 62 miles above earth into suborbital space.

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