Marketwatch, April 17, 2018

Here's a look at the markets for April 17,  2018...

The Nikkei closed up 12 points today in trading in Japan.
The Dow finished up 212 Monday.
And the Nasdaq closed up 49.

Shares of Netflix are set to soar again.
The video streaming giant posted better than expected earnings after the closing bell on Monday.
The company says it continues to attract new subscribers, signing up nearly 7.5 million of them in the first three months of this year.
That's a million more than Netflix had estimated.

Tesla has put the brakes on production of its latest vehicle, the Model 3.
It's the second time the automaker has paused the assembly line at its California plant.
Tesla says this stoppage was planned to allow time to work out bugs in the production process.
New Model 3s are expected to start rolling off the line again within a week.

And the FCC has hit T-Mobile USA with a $40-million fine related to its poor cellular service in rural areas.
T-Mobile admitted it regularly sent fake ring tones to make users think their calls had gone through, but weren't being answered.

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