SPRINGFIELD, Mo.– A man who shot a crop dusting plane 18 times in 2014 because it kept him from sleeping was sentenced today.

39-year old David Leroy Dickenson, of Miller, was sentenced to six years and six months in federal prison without parole and may pay $17,500 in restitution to the aircraft owner.

The shooting happened December 3, 2014, when a crop dusting plane was flying over Lawrence County. 

Court documents say Dickenson was angry that a low-flying plane was keeping him from sleeping during the day, went outside with a 20-gauge shotgun and shot at the plane.

The plane was hit 18 times total.

The pilot, from Miami, Oklahoma told investigators he did not realize he had been fired at until he saw holes in the bottom of his place that appeared to be from a shotgun.

The pilot, who has a wife and a six-year-old daughter, was unharmed.

The federal indictment alleged that Dickenson attempted to set damage, destroy, disable and wreck the 1997 S2R 510 Thrush aircraft, then tried to dispose of the gun.