SPRINGFIELD, Mo.– Dozens of foster families made their way to the Dream Center for an event by Man Up Springfield.

“Man Up Springfield simply is fighting for the fatherless,” Man Up Springfield Chairman Tim McConville said.

“We are simply here to say, hey, we know that there are a lot of families, a lot of kids that don’t have fathers around that are growing up in fatherless homes. And we understand the impact of that.”

The event had more than just activities for kids but resources for parents and food for families.

Local restaurants including Farmers Gastropub, Missouri Mike’s and Castaways and more provided food for the families.

Kim Shelby, a single mother, fostering three boys says Man Up Springfield is very helpful.

“Having three boys. It’s cool having the guys come and they fist bump. They encourage them they talk to them, and it’s a good support.” Shelby said.

Shelby says the organization put in a privacy fence behind her home.

Shelby says there is an alley behind her home and cars drive up and down and it was unsafe for her three boys to play in the backyard.

Shelby goes on to say, Man Up not only put in the fence, but included her boys in the construction.

“The fact that they were out there with the wood. They let the boys carry the wood, they let them whole different things,” Shelby said.

“The boys said, ‘You know, when I grew up, I’m going to be a Man Up man”

Zach Troutman, a volunteer was one of the men that help put that fence in.

“We’re able to close in our backyard so she can feel safe. So the boys, all three of the boys could be out there playing. And I was that was pretty dope, you know.” Troutman said.

Troutman says it’s important for kids to see positive male role models.

“We have fatherless homes that have fathers in the home. And I think that it’s it’s so important to have a positive male influence because a lot of these kids are searching for it in the wrong places.” Troutman said.

This is the last Man Up event for a bit, the group is taking a break. They say they should have an event in August, closer to the start of the upcoming school year.