REPUBLIC, Mo. — A man from Republic was arrested and is facing multiple charges following a stabbing that occurred on Saturday, August 19.

Mathew Whittenburg, 18, is facing charges of first-degree burglary, first-degree assault and fourth-degree domestic assault.

According to a probable cause report, police responded to a home in Republic and found one male victim with a large stab wound to his left side.

After bringing the victim near the patrol car, the report says the Republic officer noticed the victim’s wound was bubbling, which is a sign of tension pneumothorax — a potentially fatal condition that occurs when air is trapped inside the chest cavity, creating negative pressure on the lungs.

The officer retrieved a vented chest seal and applied it to the wound until EMS arrived shortly after.

During this time, Whittenburg was detained and secured in the back of a police car.

All witnesses’ stories matched, stating an altercation happened at a house with Whittenburg and the victim while they were all drinking alcohol.

Whittenburg is being held at the Greene County Jail. He has entered a not-guilty plea and will next be in court on September 6.