SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – A Springfield man who drove drunk and caused a deadly crash at Glenstone and Portland in 2021 has been sentenced to 10 years in prison on Friday, November 17.

Jarol Leiva-Navarro registered a blood-alcohol level of .110 when he was tested after causing a crash that killed 32-year-old Colby Compton.

Prosecutors said Leiva-Navarro was racing another car and weaving in and out of traffic on Glenstone when he hit the side of Compton’s car.

Compton was turning left onto East Portland when Leiva-Navarro hit the passenger side of Compton’s car, flipping it onto its roof.

Leiva-Navarro was taken to the hospital and Compton died at the scene.

At the hospital, Leiva-Navarro told police he was driving 50 mph before the crash and admitted to drinking a beer and smoking marijuana earlier in the day.

However, data pulled from the Charger showed that five seconds before the crash he was driving 110 mph. A tenth of a second before impact the speed dropped to 90 mph.

A blood sample from the hospital showed Leiva-Navarro’s blood alcohol levels were at .110. The legal limit for driving while intoxicated in Missouri is .08 percent.

In July 2023, Leiva-Navarro pleaded guilty to a felony DWI resulting in death and two misdemeanors.

He was sentenced to 10 years in prison on the DWI charge, a year in jail for careless and imprudent driving and fined $500 for driving without a license.