SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — An 18-year-old from Springfield faces multiple charges after police say he drove by a house and shot at it twice in the same day.

Braiden Sullivan, of Springfield, is being held in the Greene County Jail after police say he fired at least 10 rounds into a home near Pacific Street and Yates Avenue on Sept. 28. He is facing charges of armed criminal action, first-degree assault and unlawful use of a weapon.

According to court documents, Sullivan was caught after Springfield Police cleared the initial scene and parked at a nearby church. A few minutes later, they say Sullivan and others drove back by the house and fired multiple shots at a person outside.

The house was occupied at the time of the shooting by five juveniles, according to court documents.

Documents state Sullivan was released from juvenile custody on September 15 due to his 18th birthday and becoming an adult.

Greene County Chief Juvenile Officer Bill Prince has seen a rise in young people involved in violent crime this year. He says it’s disheartening when their rehabilitation efforts don’t stick.

“You see youth who, you know, that you have dealt with, you know, in the past and, you know, you see their picture on the news or in the paper and it it saddens you,” Prince said. “You know, but we still like to think that, you know, that maybe they took something away from our services.”

According to court documents, there were two juveniles in the car with Sullivan during the shooting.

“There were a couple of juveniles who were who were initially taken into custody pending investigation,” Prince said. “But the one is still with us and another has been released at this point in time, pending further investigation.”

Prosecutors say Sullivan is associated with a gang that is responsible for numerous homicides over the last two years in Springfield.

Sullivan is being held in jail without bond.