SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — A man was arrested on October 3 for causing a disturbance at Immaculate Conception School after he was angry about traffic.

Robert Teichman, 70, faces charges of unlawful use of a weapon and first-degree trespassing.

Teichman was upset because people blocked the road on Primrose from the car line and reportedly refused to leave the property. He was escorted out by school security but then detained as he grabbed an officer’s shirt.

When police arrived and placed Teichman in handcuffs, they found a loaded revolver on his right hip in an inside waistband holster and 12 more bullets on his other hip.

Officers stated it was illegal to carry a firearm on the grounds of a church or school and when confronted by it, Teichman ignored it and wanted to complain about being put on the ground by security, according to the probable cause report.

The school was placed on lockdown until after the arrest.