SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — A man was arrested after officers received a report of an assault in a parking lot.

Joesi Bleu Simpson, 28, was arrested and formally charged with one felony count of first-degree domestic assault.

Court documents show Springfield Police Department officers responded to a check well-being call at 3:49 a.m. on March 6.

The victim told police that Simpson was threatening to stash his drugs in her car and harm himself. She said he damaged her car window with a tire iron, swallowed glass and threatened to jump from a height in a Springfield parking garage.

It was found that the two had been living in a 2006 Chevrolet Equinox for months and that the victim had been held hostage. She said Simpson refused to let her leave the vehicle without him and threatened to hurt her if she tried to leave. She said he also forced her to inject methamphetamine.

Before the call, they were arguing inside the Equinox and Simpson began smashing the vehicle’s windows. When he stepped out to smash the windshield, she accelerated as he held onto the side door. She said she was not sure if he fell and was run over.

During an interview with the police, she showed bruises and wounds she said were caused by Simpson, including puncture wounds from a time he stabbed her in the thigh multiple times with a screwdriver.