FRANKLIN COUNTY, Mo. – A man is accused of child sex charges in Franklin County and allegedly posed as a babysitter at the time some of the offenses occurred.

Authorities have identified 20-year-old Colton Frankenberg as the suspect. Prosecutors have charged him in four child sex cases, all of which investigators say happened in Franklin County.

Frankenberg faces statutory sodomy charges in connection with two victims in the babysitting cases. Both victims were under 12 years old.

“This all came to light when the suspect worked as a babysitter,” said Franklin County Prosecuting Attorney Matthew Becker. “Parents later called police to tell them that the suspect took inappropriate action with their children.”

Investigators later discovered two other cases that occurred between 2015 and 2018 in Franklin County. Both victims were under 17 years old.

Authorities say Frankenberg was also a Shaman spiritual leader who was part of a group that held events at the Maryland Heights Community Center. The community center declined to comment.

FOX 2 also reached out to the Maryland Heights City Administrator, who confirmed The Mindful Spiritual Center has been renting space at the community center since 2020. The administrator was not aware of charges or allegations against Frankenberg while in Maryland Heights until speaking with FOX 2.

Becker says he has not been contacted by Maryland Heights law enforcement or by any jurisdictions outside of Franklin County regarding Frankenberg. Still they’re not ruling anything out.

Becker added that cases like this are particularly disturbing.

“Aside from murder, these are the most serious, the most heinous types of crimes we encounter,” said Becker. “That in a nutshell is my reaction to it.”

As of Friday afternoon, Frankenberg is jailed in Franklin County without bond. He has a preliminary hearing over his charges set for Nov. 2.

Authorities say Frankenberg could be linked to more victims. If you have any additional information, contact the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office or your nearest law enforcement agency.