SPRINGFIELD, Mo. —  12 pounds of meth and 6.5 pounds of heroin, seized from a Springfield home.

An apparent major drug distribution conspiracy case that began in Texas a year ago ended in Springfield this week.

Timothy Hall and Patrick Brigaudin, both of Springfield, were arrested Monday– along with two men from Nevada, Adrian Ortiz-Corrales and Eduardo Diaz.

The arrests came after a drug raid at 1720 E. McDaniel Street in Springfield.

All four of the men arrested Monday are being charged in federal court with conspiracy to distribute meth and heroin.  It’s something neighbors find unsettling.

“Are you sure that was the amount?” said Neighbor Michel Martin.

It was a reaction of shock from a man that lives just yards away from a home where 12 pounds of meth and 6.5 pounds of heroin was seized.

“That freaks me out,” said Martin.  “I can’t believe you say that many pounds.”

The discovery Monday was part of a year-long case that began in Texas last March, when a trooper there found 15 pounds of meth hidden in the door panels of a car.

The driver told investigators nine pounds of the meth was supposed to be delivered to Springfield, which led DEA agents to the home on East McDaniel.

“I had no idea,” said Martin.  “I never ever associated with them.”

DEA agents set up surveillance and monitored Timothy Hall, who lives at the home, for about 12 months.

During Monday’s raid, four men were arrested– including Hall.

“The cops were up here,” said Martin.  “I counted nine individual cop cars that were up and out of that home– it’s kind of weird.”

Officers found two of the four men trying to get into a hidden compartment under the bed of a truck– where they found the drugs.

“That freaks me the heck out– I had no idea,” Martin said.  “I don’t want no drug people living here.”

Michel says there’s a sense of relief to know his neighborhood is a little bit safer.

“I cant believe they did that,” he said.

The DEA, Springfield Police, Homeland Security Investigations, and the IRS were all at the home to serve the search warrant Monday.

All four men are scheduled to appear in federal court in Springfield.