Lumber Prices Finally See Drop After Tariff-Based Increases

SPRINGFIELD, Mo.-- This is the first time in a while Jill Vincel with Southern Supply has been able to report some good news.  There for a while, it seemed the reasons for the rise in lumber prices wouldn’t stop rolling in. 

"Building a home can still be done but pricing has gone up,” she says. "The fires on the west coast caused an issue. Transportation has caused an issue. Tariffs caused an issue."

One of the more impactful factors leading to the increase, at least for Southern Supply, was the tariff placed on Canadian timber back in January. 

"It's gone up about 20-30 percent," says Vincel.

She says about 90% of the wood her lumber yard brings in is from Canada.

Back before the beginning of 2018, a 2x4 went for about 50 cents per board foot. 

"We got up into the 90s," she says. 

Now with building season dying out, she can report prices are finally dropping at least for now. 

"Pricing should stay down for the duration of the summer,” she says before noting the season picks back up in the fall. 

"We continue seeing it going down but it'll never be the same because of the tariffs," she says. 

We also reached out to the steel companies here in southwest Missouri.

We were told by one company their costs have increased by about 25 percent.

Another company told us they couldn't talk to KOLR10 because they were so busy looking for an affordable steel supplier.

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