SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Affordable living and housing are some concerns locals voiced during Springfield’s city council meeting’s discussion of whether or not to purchase Hammons Field.

Local Springfield resident Alice Barber said the money that could be used to purchase Hammons Field could be used to fund other needs in the city.

“The city has money,” Barber said.”The city has $16 million of it. So how we choose to spend the money that we have reflects your priorities for Springfield.”

The city plans to purchase Hammons Field from current owner JQH Trust for $12 million and an additional $4 million will be used to upgrade the ballpark immediately.

The city hopes to tie the Cardinals to Springfield through 2038.

Besides renovations to the stadium, the city also plans to buy a couple of parking sites near the stadium.

A few years prior, the Springfield Cardinals sued the JQH Trust over renovations to the ballpark.

When major league baseball took over the minor leagues in 2021, it mandated that all minor league stadiums meet certain standards.

Hammons field needs at least $10 million of renovations.

While some citizens voiced their concern over the proposed plans, others say the ballpark is a staple in the community.

“It also brings life to the entire downtown community,” said a local Springfield downtown business owner at the city council meeting. “You can tell it is a Cardinals baseball night.”