SPRINGFIELD, Mo- Earlier this week, Hoover Music posted on Facebook that they will be closing in mid-January.

During an interview at Hoover Friday afternoon, Jacob Ferguson, a three-month employee but longtime customer of Hoover, said that the reason the store is closing is that Brian Hoover, the 4th generation owner, sold the building.

After their announcement, KOLR10 reached out to area music directors and found that Hoover and Springfield Public Schools have a longtime friendship.

Remembering Hoover: Springfieldians look back on iconic music store

Hoover has been helping SPS service many of its instruments for decades, specifically stringed instruments.

Breana Kavanaugh, Coordinator of fine arts and world languages with SPS, says the district has these bids with other music stores in town, all focusing on different instruments of the band.

“With all of the music stores in town, they send out a bid that kind of levels out pricing for the year for repairs for us. That way we can budget and plan for, we know that a bow re-hairing is going to cost this much, all year long,” says Kavanaugh.

SPS works with Palen Music, Springfield Music, and Hoover Music.

Having three music stores in one city is something Andy and Elizabeth Johnston are not used to, the couple came to Springfield from a small town in Oklahoma. Andy is the Orchestra Director for Glendale High School, and Elizabeth is the Orchestra Director for Pershing Middle School. The two have been with SPS for 23 years.

“It was amazing because Brian Hoover did the string instrument repairs; he did a good job. We have been spoiled at Springfield Schools for a long time with repairs done well that are that in-expensive,” says Andy.

Below is a raw interview with Hoover Music instrument repairman, Bill Clair. Bill has been with Hoover for 20 years. In the interview, he talks about his tenure and how important his job is to students who want a future in music.

Kavanaugh says that Hoover closing comes at a perfect time because they were working on updating the bids with the other music stores. She is hopeful one of them will take on repairing and servicing the stringed instruments.