SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – A Missouri man is being recognized with full military honors Thursday — after not being identified for decades.

Staff Sergeant Moses Frank Tate served in the US Army Air Force Corps during World War II.

Sergeant Tate was killed in battle during a successful operation in Romania in 1943 and 79 years later, he will be reunited with his family once again.

Family members, veterans, and members of the community came to pay their respects to Sergeant Tate at a ceremony Thursday morning.

Tate was one of 12 children and after speaking with his family relatives, they are thankful that they have the opportunity to honor him today.

Nobody inside the church got the chance to meet Sergeant Tate but his nieces said they know what it would mean for Tate’s mother to finally put her son to rest.

“We’ve always heard about Uncle Moses. How he served, how he died. He went missing in action. It was always Grandma’s greatest wish to have him brought home. Even our parents it was the same thing. It would be great if we could have Moses back home, ” said Jean Tate.

Sergeant Tate will be buried in the Missouri Veterans Cemetery in Springfield with full military honors.