SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – Springfield Police are still searching for a vehicle involved in a Monday night hit-and-run incident that left one woman in critical condition.

Police said the driver of a truck hit a pedestrian and then took off.

Officers described the vehicle as a dark-colored truck.

This all happened down from the Kansas Expressway and Livingston intersection.

Brianna Stoops told OzarksFirst that she saw the whole incident happen right before her eyes.

“I see a couple go across the crosswalk,” she explained. “The woman drops something. All the other cars are slowed down, so she stops and tries to pick up whatever she dropped. I couldn’t tell you what it was. This truck blew through the intersection going every bit of 50, 60 MPH, and hit her head on.”

Stoops said as soon as she saw the pedestrian get hit, she left her vehicle and sprinted to help.

She said, from her memory, the truck involved was a four-door black or dark blue truck. She thinks it was a newer body style and had a chrome front end.

Stoops said she tried to help the victim as much as she could.

“Her husband, boyfriend, significant other, I don’t know what he was to her, was screaming uncontrollably and kept grabbing onto my arm and telling me to help her,” she said. “I was on the phone with EMS the entire time.”

As of Tuesday night, police said the victim is still in critical condition.