SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – Springfield Greene County Health COVID-19 cases could potentially spike in November or December along with flu cases.

“Fall is respiratory disease season,” Administrator of Communicable Diseases Kendra Findley said. “I think if we use flu as a model, that we should start seeing [COVID] numbers go up in November.”

Right now, Greene County’s COVID 7-day average sits at 23 cases. Hospitalizations sit at 30.

“That’s a low number, and we’re hoping that it will stay that way for a while,” Findley said.

Findley said most of the positive cases right now are subvariants of Omicron, like BA.5 and BA.6.

“Anecdotally, we’ve heard that people who’ve had Omicron recently have started off with a sore throat, a headache, and then fever,” Findley said.

Greenwood Laboratory School reported that 14 out of their 45 faculty/staff came down with COVID or another illness. As a result, the school canceled classes due to a staff shortage. The school is undergoing a deep cleaning and plans to begin classes again Monday.

“It’s that time of year that if you start to feel sick probably should get it checked out, probably need to get tested, and then stay home, stay isolated and take care of yourself,” Findley said.

Findley suggests everyone get a COVID vaccine, booster, and flu shot.

“The Bivalent vaccine that’s available is protecting you against the two sub-variants of the Omicron species,” Findley said. “What it will do is it will hopefully protect you against serious illness and hospitalization. The CDC recommends for flu shots that you get them by the end of October because we do start seeing that activity pick up in November and December.”

You can find places to get a vaccine on Springfield Greene County Health’s website.