SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – With 100-degree weather outside your air conditioner is likely running constantly in your home. Every home differs in the ideal temperature that provides comfort, but having the temperature too high or too low can cause all sorts of issues.

You might ask, ‘why would I turn up the temperature in my home when I’m trying to stay cool?’ In one case, a homeowner left for vacation and turned up the temperature on his AC unit to save money. The combination of the higher heat and the dark, damp conditions caused mold to build up causing sneezing, itchy eyes, and a distinct odor when the family returned.

Keeping your AC too cool will not only strain your unit, but it could also freeze. At that point, you will have to wait until it thaws before you can use it again.

Ozarksfirst spoke with Brett Callahan, owner of Callahan Heating and Cooling, about the ideal temperature he recommends and tips to prevent freezing.

“In this extreme heat, a lot of the units in the area are not going to keep up even if they are working correctly due to the insulation values. Most everything in Missouri is designed for up to 100°,” said Callahan.

He says the ideal temperature for efficiency is 78° and for comfort 72°.

Callahan also shared a few tips on how to prevent units from freezing up:

  • Insure all vents in the home are open.
  • Change filters on a regular basis.
  • Have your refrigerant charge checked by a professional once a year.