Mo. — There are more than 13,000 children in foster care in Missouri. Some of them have been in the system for years, waiting to be adopted. Kevin has been in foster care since he was six years old; that was 10 years ago.

Kevin is a sophomore in high school, where he enjoys social studies and history. He also looks forward to drama class because it gives him an opportunity to express himself.
“I did the Christmas Carol and Alice in Wonderland,” Kevin said.

The Springfield Little Theatre gave us a behind-the-scenes tour of Lander’s Theatre. Kevin said he’d like to be an actor because he loves the spotlight and has the perfect imagination.

“I like to pretend I’m a broadcaster, pretend I’m a president, and I like to listen to music,” Kevin said. “I’m a great singer.”

Kevin also said he’d like to be a meteorologist.

“I want to go into that field because it’s very fun and educational for everybody to know what’s going on in the weather, and you get to be behind a pretty cool screen,” Kevin explained.

He got some practice at the green screen in our studio. Kevin even saved up his money to buy a weather radio. He said he’d like a new one for Christmas.

Kevin describes himself as very nice, kind to people, and has good manners. He said he would like a Christian family with a nice dad, mom, and older brother.

“Just get ahold of Ms. Krystal and tell her that you want to adopt me, and she’ll try to get it figured out.”

Krystal Neal is his caseworker. You can contact her at MBCH Children and Family Ministries, 417-831-2342 office extension: 19, to learn more information about adopting Kevin.

To learn more about the need for foster and adopting families, visit the Department of Social Services website.