SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Springfield’s Visioncon is bringing together fans of pop culture, comics, gaming, movies, and more. It’s happening through Sunday, May 1 at the Expo Center on St. Louis Street.

Visioncon also brings celebrities to the Springfield area for the weekend. Our OzarksFirst crew caught up with someone whose voice 1990s cartoon fans might recognize: George Lowe, the man who voiced Space Ghost.

“We started Space Ghost back in the dark ages of 1994 and I’m still here,” Lowe said.

“A lot of cons are starting to come back from the brink, you know, I had two years alone in the house. I’ve got a little bit of a weird heart so I’ve got the be careful myself. I went into hiding in February of ’20 and it occurred to me I didn’t have my first show until August of ’21. Thankfully I don’t mind being at the house. It’s not a punishment.”

Watch the video above to hear about projects Lowe is working on now, what it’s like to work on the Cartoon Network show Robot Chicken with Seth Green and his thoughts on free selfies.

Lowe even gives a demo of his voiceover work that features a shout-out to KOLR10/Ozarks Fox meteorologist Savannah Tennyson, who Lowe saw sharing the forecast on KOLR10 Saturday morning.