U.S. — Doctors may be prescribing more screen time to help children with their ADHD symptoms.

The Food and Drug Admininstration has approved the first video game as a type of therapy for any condition.

Endeavor Rx, the video game, is designed to help with sensory and motor tasks and improve cognitive skills.

Michael Chapman works at Contender E-Sports here in Springfield, he says he’s happy video games are being seen in a better light.

“We’ve been saying at Contender for a long time that gaming has been a positive force for kids and adults,” said Chapman. “We love the communities we see here when people come in, when they come together. We’ve always seen the social aspects. It’s great to see a more scientific approach and some more benefits proven. Even above and beyond what we’ve always said what’s great about video games and video game culture.”

The FDA also says the game can help children with attention function.

Karina Guffey, a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner at Mercy, talked to our KOLR10’s Frances Lin about this video game, and how it may help kids.