SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — The car of a nurse and National Guard member here in Springfield was vandalized by the same man that pinned officer Priebe on June 8.

Carolina Moss was out running on a trail when her car was vandalized by Jon Routh

“My car had feces in the windshield, doors, handles, and my right side tire, he let out air,” said Moss.

Sherry Coker was a witness to the vandalism.

“I had just came back from my run, when I noticed that there was this young African American lady, and her friend, they were hanging around their car, they had this concerned look on their face,” said Coker.

The Springfield Police Department identified Jon Routh as the man who they believe vandalized Moss’ car.

Witnesses came forward after seeing his photo.

Routh had been sleeping in his car for days and police say he thought Moss’ vehicle belonged to someone else who he was angry with.

“I don’t think he didn’t know,” said Moss. “He knew exactly who the owner of the vehicle is.”

This incident happened on the same day as a Black Lives Matter protest in Downtown Springfield.

“If that’s his perspective about race, and black people, I can’t change it,” said Moss.

Moss says she is happy that he is in custody.

“I’m glad he’s caught, and he won’t do that to anybody else,” said Moss.

“It’s just unfortunate that how we have managed to identify and ultimately charge the person is because of what he did to officer Priebe,” said Coker.

Routh is facing first-degree assault charges for hitting officer Mark Priebe with his car.