SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – Traffic on Glenstone Avenue near U.S. 60 is changing again. Drivers will now drive through a single-lane roundabout that connects Glenstone, Republic Road, and Nature Center Way.

Here’s a video our crew took of a driver’s point of view using the new roundabout:

This change came just four months after the on-ramp from northbound Glenstone to eastbound U.S. 60 was permanently closed.

Beginning Tuesday, May 3, Drivers can use the outside lane on the roundabout; the inner lane will be closed for now to protect the safety of the workers.

MoDOT said the hope for this new roundabout is that it will ease traffic congestion in the area.

“Eventually it’s going to go into a dual roundabout,” said Brad Gripka, Resident Engineer for MoDOT. “But for the next couple of weeks, we’re going to keep it to a single lane roundabout. It’s going to greatly help the traffic merging and there will be that free-flowing movement going around and then merging onto James River.”

Here is what drivers need to know:

  • Drivers coming from Nature Center Way can exit the roundabout to get onto James River Freeway
  • Drivers coming from Glenstone will not have to use the roundabout to get on the Freeway
  • A separate lane will provide access to James River Freeway from Glenstone
  • MoDOT said crews and equipment will be in close proximity to traffic for the time being, and drivers should avoid the area if they can.

This is all part of a larger project to widen Route 60 (James River Freeway) between National Avenue and Route 65, as well as consolidate ramps for Glenstone Avenue and Republic Road. You can read all about the project on MoDOT’s website.

MoDOT is hoping to complete the entire project by the end of May.