SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Thousands of people across the Ozarks visited the Springfield Expo Center to see various vendors and exhibits dedicated to making their dream homes.

“If you’re looking to remodel, looking to build, come down here and get educated,” said Austin Miller of Wise Built Homes. “You know, we’ve had up to 10,000 people come through this event to look at anything from tile to countertops, talk to builders, talk to remodelers, look at siding, roofing, or everything in the industry that you could want.”

Like many other markets that took a hit during the pandemic, the Springfield real estate market also saw a decline, and contractors had to deal with supply chain shortages.

“As the supply chain has kind of gotten better and those constraints have kind of eased themselves, it’s allowed us to kind of step back into a little bit of more normalcy than we had before,” said Chris Allen of Meek’s Design Center.

This year’s vendors say it feels good to see so many people getting back into the industry.

“You don’t really have an opportunity to kind of meet so many customers in one spot. So to kind of aggregate all those people together and bring them in and be able to talk about, you know, multiple products at once is just invaluable,” said Allen.

Though the housing market across the country seems to have rising prices, experts see a bright future in the Ozarks real estate market.

“I think that, you know, Springfield and the Ozarks are going to keep plowing forward just like we’ve always done and, you know, continue to provide quality homes for good people,” says Allen.

The event lasted from Friday through Sunday.