SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Eden Village broke ground on its third village today, Nov. 30. The houses will give 24 homeless people a new home.

The Eden Village 3 development is part of the non-profit’s push toward its goal to make Springfield the first city where no one sleeps outside. Eleven cities in 10 states have their own version of Eden Village.

The non-profit has faced adversity when it filed a lawsuit against the State of Missouri in August of this year over a portion of House Bill 1606 that Eden village said would limit how much they can help the homeless. The bill calls for short, temporary housing instead of permanent homes for homeless individuals.

As Eden village continues to fight the house bill, they are also making progress in bringing the number of homeless people down.

Since the first two Eden villages opened, the homeless population in Springfield has decreased by 25%. This is a trend they hope continues to go down with the completion of Eden Village 3.

After successfully building the third set of homes, Eden Village will be two projects away from completing its goal of having five small communities that house 200 formerly homeless individuals.