OZARK COUNTY, Mo. — A 21-year-old Theodosia man has been charged with harassment and attempting to sex traffic a minor.

Ethan Brown was arrested on May 30 after court documents say a juvenile’s father reported that Brown had solicited nude photos from his daughter and threatened to rape her if she did not deliver the photos.

Ethan Brown

According to the probable cause statement, Brown approached a group of minors at the Marina in Theodosia and demanded they provide him with their phone numbers and send him nude photos.

The PC statement said that when they refused, he threatened to rape one of the girls. One of the boys then intervened to stand up for the girl and Brown “took a swing at him,” according to the statement.

An employee at the Marina noticed the disturbance and kicked them all out for the afternoon before a fight could fully begin.

The girl told her father what had happened when she returned home and he reported the incident to the police.

The criminal complaint claims Brown’s conduct “was a substantial step towards the commission of the crime of sexual trafficking of a child in the second degree, and was done for the purpose of committing such offense.”

Brown has a bond hearing tomorrow, June 7 at 1:30 p.m.