SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – Three strangers have reunited after a heroic rescue earlier this year. 

In July, Kevin Jeffries and Justin Parrack both put themselves in danger to help Richard Mogan. 

The men were given the Honorary Trooper award, the highest honor for a civilian from the Missouri State Highway Patrol. 

Mogan was traveling on Highway 13 near Route WW before suffering a medical emergency and went unconscious. 

Jeffries and Parrack were on the roadway and saw Mogan’s car veer off the highway. 

“He ran over the stop sign, went into the ditch, and started veering over to southbound traffic,” Jeffries said. “I didn’t even think. By the time I got up to his vehicle, where my small window was, he was just laying over in the passenger seat.” 

“He ran off in the median in front of me, never lifted off the gas. It was still doing 65 because I was running right alongside him.” Parrack said. 

Mogan’s car was briefly traveling into oncoming traffic before Jeffries and Parrack chased down the car and brought it back into the median. 

“Once that the driver’s side door was the one we got in, he [Parrack] steered and I braked and we got it stopped,” Jeffries said. 

“I called 911 while Kevin was getting CPR. And, you know, we both got to the car, and ended up just getting lucky and getting him out.” Parrack added. 

Mogan says he doesn’t remember what happened on that day but is grateful. 

“I just want to thank them for what they’ve done, you know, to takes a kind of brave man to get out there in traffic, to stop a car,” Mogan said. 

Troopers call the two men heroes for their actions. 

“Why we’re all here today is a prime definition of what heroism is as far as not only saving a life but putting your life in jeopardy.” Sgt. Mike McClure said. 

But if you ask Parrack and Jeffries, they wouldn’t call themselves heroes. 

“Thank you, guys, for calling me a hero, but I just feel like I’m just Kevin,” Jeffries said. 

“I wouldn’t call myself a hero. I’m just a guy doing and trying to do the right thing.” Parrack said.