OZARK, Mo. – For the second day in a row, many students across the Ozarks are getting a snow day.

However, a day off of school can leave many working parents scrambling to find care for their kids.

The Ozark Community Center once again hosted a snow day program Tuesday to try to help out.

“There is still a solid following of people who can’t necessarily work from home,” said Ozark Recreation Supervisor Hayden Ponsar. “They still need to find a safe place, and a reliable place, for their kids to go during the day.”

Even for those parents who do work from home, Ponsar said, the OC can still provide an outlet for kids to burn off energy.

“Having a gymnasium and a swimming pool and all the things like that allows them to get active as opposed to maybe being stuck in their house,” said Ponsar.

As soon as school is called off in Ozark, the program has to come together quickly.

The resource, though, isn’t just for kids in Ozark. Any area student without school can come to the program.