SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – The Missouri Job Center in Springfield is working on a new way to get people connected to the right career.

It involves the new and upcoming technology of virtual reality.

People interested can put on a headset that takes them to a virtual job site to see if it’s something they might enjoy.

“This is a very immersive type of training experience,” said Katherine Trombetta with the City of Springfield Dept. of Workforce Development. “You are actually in that warehouse or on that job site. You’re picking up tools. You are figuring out, you know, safety equipment.”

Trombetta explained the system can explore hands-on careers in skilled trades, warehouse and storage, hospitality and tourism, or public safety.

The hope is that this new system could help with the continued workforce shortage.

“We are just trying every avenue that we can to appeal to, especially the younger worker, to get them engaged in the workforce,” Trombetta said. “Young people who maybe just graduated from high school and not really having a good idea of what they want to do after high school.”

Virtual reality, she said, could be a safer alternative to narrow down a career path.

“It is a time saver, as opposed to going on job sites, doing internships,” she said.

The headset will be available at the job center as well as used at various special events throughout the year.