SPRINGFIELD, Mo- Abnormally warm temperatures are being felt across the Ozarks, ranging from 15-20 degrees above average for December.

Wednesday is the start of December, and the weather feels far from the beginning of December.

Temperatures have been warm the last several days, but even warmer temperatures are forecast later this week.

Wednesday temperatures will be in the mid-60s.

A ridge is building across the western half of the United States, which will slide east Thursday and Friday.

This will allow temperatures to increase to the 70s, which could smash records! Thursday, Springfield will top out at 73 degrees, which will compete with the old record back in 2012 at 73 degrees. Friday, Springfield is forecasted to top out at 73 degrees, which will come close to crushing the record of 74 back in 2012.

Springfield has hit 70 degrees 40 times in December or 30% of previous times from 1888, 133 years.

The most 70 degree days in December were back in 1889, which hit 8 out of 31 days.

The warmest temperature record in December was 77 degrees which were recorded in 1991 and 1948.

According to the Climate Predication Center, CPC, the 6-10 outlook for temperature will be 50-60% for above-average temperatures during December 6-10. According to CPC, the 8-14 day outlook for temperature will be 50-60% above average for December 8-14.

Enjoy the warm weather while it is around because Missouri weather can change in several hours.