WILLARD, Mo. — Ten months ago, KOLR 10 introduced you to Banks.  Banks was found on the side of a river, left for dead. He survived and is now a service dog to Vietnam Veteran Jim Fite of Willard.

Since August, Banks has been in training for his new job with K9s for Camo. For five months of that time, Banks has been at the prison in Jefferson City being trained by inmates. 

“Some of the trainers we have in Jefferson City are amazing trainers,” said K9s For Camo’s John Lopez. “Some of them have been doing it over a decade.”

For a young pup, Banks is catching on quickly, “A few small things, but as young as he is, he is doing great,” said Lopez.

Jim Fite is Banks’ new owner. Jim was in the Air Force from 1968 to 1972. He now has Parkinson’s Disease. 

Their first meeting has been months in the making. 

“You are going to keep him for at least the weekend, maybe the week. You’ll tell me everything we need to work on and we will take him back,” John told Jim.

Banks will be with Jim to help with mobility daily. He will be a part of the family, fitting right in with Jim’s four grandchildren. 

It’s a happy ending for a dog that had a much different intended fate said, Lopez.

“It shows characteristics of dogs and how forgiving they are. Something terrible happens to them and they are still fighting to help other people.”

K9s for Camo is based in Rogersville. They have three main goals; help veterans, rescue dogs, and rehabilitate inmates. You can read more about their organization on the K9s for Camo website