WILLARD, Mo.– With gas prices on the rise, everyone is searching for the lowest prices around. One day, a KOLR10 reporter found Bill’s Service Center in Willard, where gas prices were significantly less. 

After talking with Bill, we realized there was a story bigger than the gas prices.

Bill Stokes has remained full-service despite all of the changes his career has spanned. 

A full-service gas station is a luxury of days gone by. On the corner of Business 160 and Miller Street in Willard, locals you will find Stokes and his loyal customer base.

Phillip ‘Shorty’ Schultz has been a long-time customer of Stokes.

“You know, when you got somebody that treats you good, you just keep coming back,” Schultz said.

Stokes has worked on this same corner since 1985, when his brother owned it. It was called Ron’s Conoco at the time.

In 1990, Stokes bought it from his brother and quickly changed the name to Bill’s.

Through the years, Stokes said he’s seen a lot of things come and go.

“When I first started there is no fuel injection it was all carburation,” Stokes said. “Now there’s no guys that know how to do carburation but a few.”

Throughout the years, one thing has remained the same: Bill’s commitment to customers. Customers like Tim Wiggs, who said he relies on Bill’s.

“It’s full-service,” Wiggs said. “I’m disabled, and these people take care of you up here.”

Schultz added Bill’s offers good service and low prices on gas.

“Good service and just being honest,” said Stokes. “That’s what I can contribute it to.”

Online reviews sing Bill’s praises, but Stokes isn’t too interested in reading reviews.

“I’ve never looked,” Stokes said. “Too busy to look, I guess.”

Stokes will be reaching retirement age in the middle of May this year. His future plans are still unknown, but even when he retires, Stokes said he probably won’t be able to stay away from Bill’s Service Station.