SPRINGFIELD, Mo.– 80 disc golf players traveled from around the state to play in Swing Right Golf’s sixth annual President’s Day weekend tournament.

The “Presidential Cup” is Swing Right Golf’s only disc golf tournament.
Organizers said the event normally has 100 players, but the cold weather may have kept some people home.

Rebekah Kersey traveled from O’fallon, Missouri, to play in the tournament, and she said she liked seeing the players’ commitment on such a cold day.

“I think that if you’re prepared and you dress warm enough then you’re fine,” said Kersey. “So hot hands, lots of layers, and just being smart about it – then really it’s okay. But definitely feeling a little bulky. It always impedes on the throw just a little bit, but everyone’s in the same boat, you know. So, it’s kind of like you’re in good company. And you all just, you’re out here for the love of the game.”

Players had the chance to win $10,000 by scoring a hole-in-one on a 300 foot basket.